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ChuckAdams' variant of UseModWiki, with some less-used features trimmed out, and others added, including a number of patches.

Homepage: http://sf.net/projects/domesu

I had written quite a few pages on it here, but I wiped them all in a fit of depressed pique. I still have less enthusiasm for it than initially, but I can be persuaded to work on it now and then. --ChuckAdams

Attaboy! Here is someone close to his emotions and who is not afraid to appear as a human being. You certainly ain't a machine, Chuck! Keep it up! We need more human beings like you on Internet, the heaven of a lot of autists! -- RobertAbitbol?

PS: I get along fine with human beings.. I have a lot of problems getting along with human machines or mechanical humans however... After all, communicating is not really talking to someone's ears; it's more like talking to someone's heart, I believe...

 This article is a stub.  You can help improve it by''-- oops, WrongWiki? ;)


Putting Domeus on line would be great! This way we could see right away what it's all about... -- RobertAbitbol?

There's one production use of Domesu, but it's an internal project where I work. I have no place to publicly host it, nor is it all that ready to use just yet. Aside from the squaretags, it really has no visible differences from usemod, as most of the work was on the internal code. There's still a lot to do, and I'm still not sure that the evolutionary path is even a useful approach, given that I could instead put development effort into CGI::Wiki or make more wikilike my old wiki-ish project based on Template Toolkit.

PS: Domeus (Usemod reversed) is very close to domus which in latin means: a house, a home.... Or does it mean God? I forgot... Long time I haven't spoken to a dead latin :-); my latin is becoming rusty...

"The Romans, they go to the house?" ... no, it's definitely not latin, it's Usemod spelled backwords. Turns out it's also an english import into Japanese, meaning "domestic". There's also a small publisher in Japan named Domesu (either small or they just don't publish much in English anyway).

Well you could very well place it on the source forge site. This is where Vadim has put his Usemod site so I shouldn't see a problem there. See: http://perlce.sf.net/cgi-bin/perlce-tcltkce-wiki.pl

As for the resemblance between Usemod and Domesu, this is no problem at all... I believe spending a few months on improving a code is never lost time...

Well I say "improving". "Personalizing" should be a better term. I think some programmers have a lot of difficulty working with other people's codes and they end up changing the whole code.. I know about that believe me: almost every programmer who worked on my PIM wanted to change the code entirely...

The most organized way to proceed would be to record all changes made to convert Usemod into Domesu. This way, you'd go from any new version of Usemod and convert it into Domesu real quickly... At that point you'd be talking about complete modularity...

In any case, if you are interested in turning Domesu into a split screen wiki, let me know... We'd start from Usemod 1.0 or better from 1.1. -- [Robert Abitbol]?

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