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This function speeds things up by displaying a cached copy of the already-computed page that the visitor is requesting, if it is available

 Returns: 0 if we weren't able to display the page
	  1 if we were able to display the page

 Called by: DoWikiRequest

DoCacheBrowse only works for "simple links". As far as I can tell, this means that it doesn't work for FreeLinkPattern? links. So for a site like WikiPedia, which relies extensively on freelinks, the cache is probably not used much.

Note that this option is turned off by default.

I do not know at the present time why caching is not used for FreeLinkPattern? pages. I will fill you in when I figure it out. (Or, CliffordAdams will fill us all in before I manage to understand it.)

So, here's what we do. We get the $query from the $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}. There might be some reason why we don't use $q-> (the CGI.pm way of doing it) or &GetParam(). I'm guessing speed.

Now that we have $query, we calculate a filename for it by calling GetHtmlCacheFile($query).

If that file exists, we puke it to the browser and return 1.

If we haven't returned by now, we just return 0 to let the caller know that we weren't able to show the page from the cache.


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