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Q1a:(db)-Thursday 2007-03-15 I have a few features to suggest for the next Usemod version. Where should I list them?

A1a: You are welcome to post any patches to some subpage of WikiPatches.

Q1b: I have suggestions. Not patches.

A1b: Have a look at WikiSuggestions.

Q2a:(db)-Thursday 2007-03-15 Will the suggested features be taken into consideration? i.e. is Usemod in active development?

A2a: Cliff seems to have stopped any further development. Maybe someone may take it over. -- MarkusLude

Q2b: Why not you? You come across as a very reliable, very serious person. Can you program in Perl? If you don't, you will learn. Clifford Adams is a great teacher! I believe that if you learn the script inside out you'll become a Perl programmer in no time.

Q2b: You will be flooded with requests for features the same way Mr Adams has been. 99% of the suggestions are garbage. Only very few make sense. Pick one or two that make sense, fix the bugs and implement the suggested features. Go slowly. No rush. Mr Adams will guide you in the choice of features to add. He really did a great work in his choice and in his programming and he sure knows what he is doing.


Q3: Can we expect a new version anytime soon?

A3: I don't know if there'll be a new version soon, I wouldn't expect one, sorry -- MarkusLude

A lot of people go for Media Wiki. Good! This gives us breathing space. Usemod is a million times better. The only thing it is missing is a sidebar. No big loss for lovers of full-screen if you ask me! In fact not having a side-bar is an advantage!

@db(?): First, please stop creating lots of new pages for small questions. Use the pages linked from the home page UseModWiki or link from them. Second, I would prefer if you would contribute rather than push other to do work for you. If the forementioned pages looks like a mess, summarize and clean them up. Which of the WikiSuggestions are maybe already implemented in recent usemod versions, which are still suggestions? Which of the WikiPatches still apply and to which version, which were added? IMHO this could help a lot if someone is willing to step in and work on newer versions. I have not the time, at most I may put together some bugfix release and post/link it somewhere. -- MarkusLude

(db) About the first part of your comments, see: [Housekeeping/2007 Spring Cleaning]?

A new distribution every year

About the 2007 V01 Distribution, and perhaps subsequent distributions, perhaps the best would be not to wait for the Messiah-programmer who will implement 500 suggestions (and screw up big time Usemod in the process) but count on a different person each year who will come and will implement 3 or 4 features and make a new distribution. A sort of visiting programmer, guest programmer or say a Usemod Santa Claus. :-)

The features would have to be approved by Cliff and you.

Re: Usemod 2007 V01

For the 2007 distribution, those are the features I propose to implement:

 First line: Rivers of the world
 Second line: .../The? Amazon

Please let me know if you feel this is OK...

I have a question

A friend has installed Usemod on his site and he has also installed [Dan Muller]?'s edit on top patch.

If he sent the script with Dan's mod, we'd have taken care of item # 1, right?

Better still, if Dan sent us his script with e-mail notification, we'd have taken care of item 2 also (e-mail notification), right?

Simply get a script with Dan Muller's edit on top patch installed; for the Notification of change by e-mail comes on the latest Usemod version as mentioned above.

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