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Does anybody have a solution to temporarily ban IPs that are launching

a DOS attack?

AlexSchroeder's Emacs Wiki got disabled on 2002-12-30 and on 2003-02-03 because of "too much CPU usage" and when the ISP was prompted into investigating, they found an IP number that was the cause of all this, and banned it. I would like to have an automatic solution for this, however.


You can use the BanEdit? action to create a banlist file in the DataDirectory?, and patch using WikiPatches/BannedCannotRead?. This requires you to know about the DOS attack, however. Thus, this is not really a solution.

What we need is WikiPatches/SurgeProtector based on some discussion on MeatBall:SurgeProtector.


Get a provider that has one of the following modules installed:

Other Wikis

If you're looking for existing code to copy, you might take a look at the [WikkiTikkiTavi] implementation (written in PHP). It uses a MySQL? DB to store the usage data. I haven't tested it, but it looks like a good anti-DOS implementation. --CliffordAdams


Somebody suggested that the problem is that robots don't obey "robots.txt" -- but that is only correct if you forbid robots from entering the wiki. And that surely is not what you want -- you want your pages indexed by Google and friends.

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