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I'll try sum myself up later. For now I'll just have to remain Mr Mystery!

My Resume

Areas Of Expertise

Hardware and Operating Systems

Languages, Tools and Technologies

Professional Employment

1992 - Present


Huddersfield University - BSc(Hons) in Information Technology.

My email is mailto:dclaughton@intechsolutions.co.uk, if you must know :-)

Ok, Here are some links to topics I have contributed to, mostly for my use, but feel free to check them out.

WikiBugs/editlinks mangles pages in special cases - My suggestion has been adopted by CliffordAdams for UseMod 1.0!

These are my own contributions:


I'm also thinking of implementing the following ideas (some could take a while, though).

  1. Link to Personal Page in GotoBar.
  2. Streamlining of Wiki to HTML translation - use more regexp advanced features. Thoughts:
    1. Look into having nested lists of different types.
    2. Lists terminate at end of paragraph or when different list type is encountered at same indent or less.
    3. I'm experimenting with code here - /SteamlinedTextFormatting
  3. Add lists, headings etc. to table cells - maybe even allow nested tables! Either:
    1. Code new table syntax as in MeatBall:TableSyntax OR
    2. Find a way of enhancing existing MoinMoin syntax.

Finally here's MyPatchedWiki source.

Could you add it to PatchedScripts please? Thanks. -- DavidAndel
I plan on doing - along with a patch to WikiPatches - as soon as I've finished my current updates. Thanks for the input. --DavidClaughton

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