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Page started on Monday April 2nd 2007, 8h :01 pm


Since I am hhhhhhhhhhhuge Usemod fan, I used to post here a few years ago.

Somehow I can't anymore for I see the message Editing denied when I try to edit a page.

I recently posted using the Anonymouse IP and I ended up getting the same message.

I now post with the Youhide IP.

I hope everything will go back to normal so I can use my real IP.

About WikiSuggestions

I did 2 weeks ago what was specifically required on the top of the page: to put each suggestion in a sub-group and the page is now pretty clean, pretty legible.

The precise message was: To keep this page from being too big, and to identify your suggestion, please give it a SubPage.

---> See [WikiSuggestions/Various Introductory Comments]?

Since I am not a deleter, I kept absolutely everything in a sub-page or another.

About UserHelp

The page has gotten too big and the contents need to be put on UserHelp/Archive4?.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do that because of the anti-spam code.

If you can do it, Markus, by all means, please do.

The following text need to put on top of the UserHelp/Archive4? page:

This page contains old questions from the UserHelp page. Please do not add new questions to this page, use the UserHelp page instead. Thanks!


About Developer Questions

The page has gotten too big and here again the questions and answers need to be archived.

This cannot be done, an Archive page cannot be created for it would be a third sub-page level and Usemod does not allow them.

If you could simply go to UsemodWiki? and take out the / in front of Developer Questions and I'll take care of the rest.

Hopefully the anti-spam code won't stop me from cutting the contents into the new archive page.

About installing David Aumueller's style sheet

It would be nice if you could put David Aumueller of YAWN Wiki on this site.

The CSS is here (on the bottom).



Perhaps down the line we could start a CSS page with subpages.

Hello David, such a page already exists: StyleSheetExample? and some subpages there. Unfortunately the links on the current subpages seems to be broken. Would you add the above mentioned CSS there? I don't think it directly has to do with the wiki patch. --MarkusLude

Hi Markus, as requested, I put the CSS in a page called StyleSheetExamples (instead of example) since there are now many examples. I recopied the entire text from StyleSheetExample?.

If you would prefer to call the page StyleSheetsCode?, let me know. I'll copy the text to the new page.

I am surprised though that there are not more style sheets available. I have seen tons of them on Internet.

A last thing: is is possible to put a link to StyleSheetExamples on the UseModWiki page. At Development, right under WikiPatches.

Perhaps this will encourage developers to share their style-sheets.


More to come some other time

Too hard!

The anti-spam code makes things really too hard; we can't modify the UseModWiki page, we can't move stuff around. To make things worse, we never get answers to requests.

Therefore we are basically moving on to other things.

If in the future actions will be taken so that this site continues to operate dynamically, let me know right on this page. Perhaps Mr Adams could put a password so that wiki gnomes could make changes to the wiki all the while the spam code would be disactivated for wiki gnomes exclusively.

If sub-groups could be made and everything was put in sub-pages, all pages could be editable despite the anti-spam code. The good thing also is that everything would be put into smaller units. Some pages have become way too big and they are totally unmanageable.

In the mean time, until this is done, sorry but I have other fish to fry. I'd be glad to help and give a little back to Mr Adams who has put long hours in programming an excellent software, but when the conditions are proper however. Not in the present situation.

I'll come around to despam once in a while. There is nothing much else to do ...

Unfortunately! :-)

[Message to spammers]?

About your reverts today April 22nd 2007

What has happened? I saw a bunch of mods saved as minor edits. What did the guy try to do?

Someone trashed lots of pages, usually the last part of the pages were removed. If you have questions directed to me please use my home page here as edit comments may be missed if someone other does edit the same page after you. --MarkusLude

Abitbol, your presence on UseModWiki is not welcome. Pretending to be someone else still doesn't work.

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