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InterWiki and the DNS

The main idea here is that the DNS is already globally distributed. If you are familiar with the .tpc.int top level domain it has been used to contain all kinds of weird and wonderful data. Some of it is actualy useful. I'm suggesting something similar here.

For InterWiki we would create a domain interwiki.net Centeral admins would then add TXT records to the domain for each interwiki address:

   UseMod.interwiki.net. txt  http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?

For example. When the local usemodwiki gets asked for the interwiki link it does the DNS lookup (maybe using Net::DNS) and returns a redirect to the associated URL to the client browser. Thus neatly side steping the need for a file distribution mechinism or publicly editable maps at well known locations. -- ChrisFedde

That is a very interesting idea. Unfortunately, at this time I'm not in a position to be fiddling with DNS records, as usemod.com is using a shared hosting service.

A simpler pure-HTTP solution might be to have an option in the wiki code to redirect interwiki links to a central server. For instance, AndStuff:RecentChanges might create a link like http://www.interwiki.net/interwiki?site=AndStuff&page=RecentChanges. This interwiki script would then read a master file and redirect to the target site.

For now, however, I don't think there is much need for a central registry. The list that I put on usemod.com is simply a guide, not something that must be followed. --CliffordAdams

MeatBall:MetaWiki already does this. http://sunir.org/apps/meta.pl?wiki=AndStuffWiki&redirect=RecentChanges

How about a .wiki top-level domain? Might be an interesting idea in order to overcome the limitations of a central repository of wiki's. Pity I don't have the cash to burn... Perhaps some kind of submitting & reviewing way for .interwiki.net subdomain names + TXT records, comparable to InterWiki now. Wouldn't mind to help set this up, but interwiki.[net|org|com] appears to be squatted... Anyway, just a few thoughts, as I don't think the current InterWiki method will scale properly in the future. InterWiki is comparable to using /etc/hosts in the early days before DNS, imho :) -- AlexDeLandgraaf?

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