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February 20, 2010 Clay Phipps back here visiting UseModWiki after almost a year (i.e.: same person as Wiki:ClayPhipps & [ClayPhipps]; see remarks far below).

On March 18, 2009, I'd installed UseModWiki 1.0.4 and Apache version "2.2.4 (Win32)" on a neglected Windows98 PC with only 32 (thirty-two) MB of RAM, to serve other PCs on a LAN. I was very pleased that--for 1 user total--it works plenty fast enough. Now there is light-weight, at least by by 21st-century standards. But beware that I don't run much of anything else on it beyond Windows Explorer and maybe a few DOS utilities.

Readers inspired by awareness of an unused Windows98 PC in a closet may be interested to learn that somewhere between Apache 2.2.4. and the current Apache version (2.2.11, last I looked), there's an undocumented requirement for a Win32 system module or DLL that prevents using Windows98. I.e.: You try to start Apache, and it issues a "can't load" or "not found" error message naming the module (whose name I've now forgotten). I'm assuming that it's a WindowsXP? module, and therefore assuming that it can't be copied then dropped into a Windows98 system, and also assuming that recent versions of Apache 2.2 weren't tested on Windows98, so none of its development team noticed the problem.

Note to security-intensive webmasters: I acknowledge the Apache-developers' warning that this would be seriously ill-advised if that Windows98 PC were connected directly to the Internet. However, I believe the risks are tolerable because I'm running Apache on an otherwise-unused Windows98 PC connected only to a development LAN that's completely under my personal control. If I'm still overlooking some serious vulnerability, by all means, please let me know.

And please bear with me as I try to remember or reäcquaint myself with UseModWiki syntax from last year. -- ClayPhipps

Hmmm. Silly me! I assumed that when I signed in to UseModWiki's RecentVisitors, that being apparently intertwined with MeatballWiki, it would simply find and link to my extant page: Meatball:ClayPhipps, which--I think I remember--was there because it had been created from my wiki page on www.usemod.com, back during the content-juggling to secure longer-term hosting for UseModWiki. UseModWiki & MeatballWiki now seem intertwiined more than I remembered from a year ago.

Seeing as how my attempts on MeatballWiki to submit 'Comments' in response to other 'Comments' directed to me on Meatball:ClayPhipps via the 'form' text-box, instead of directly editing the page, inexplicably provoked a de facto infinite authentication loop that stubbornly claimed that I was submitting a suspicious link in comment-text that actually contained no links at all, I've decided to put information on my UseModWiki experiements here instead. -- ClayPhipps

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