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Hello, I am a hardware & software developer living in Vienna, Austria, Europe, This tilted and troubled blue marble circling around somewhere...

I am using UseModWiki since some time for:

  1. internal discussion groups among developers
  2. as CMS for my webpage http://www.kranich.com
  3. I try to spread the Wiki idea around and installed few wikis for internal purposes at customers

Currently I define myself as a Wiki/Perl/Linux newbee, but the learning curve is steep..
So, hopefully after some more time and experience, I will be able to recontribute something usedful to this place.

Let' make things as simple as possible, but not simpler! (A. Einstein)

This decribes very well, what I like the UseModWiki for...

Special interests


I can be reached under cNkOrSaPAM?@kraNOSPAMnich.com

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