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I'm in the initial stages of getting familiar with the UseModWiki software, looking to modify it and set up a small specialized wiki of my own. My intention is to create a wiki where people can post fiction that they've written, and "discuss" fiction in general (book reviews, recommendation lists, writing tips, etc).

To this end, I think there are two areas I'm going to need to tinker with in the vanilla wiki code:

I've already got some ideas about how to handle personal-page locking, but at the moment I haven't even got to the point of fully figuring out what the current user code does. Passwords can't be optional and I don't think users should be allowed to arbitrarily change their nicknames - at least, not without making sure that this won't "break" the association with their previous authorship.

If anyone with more experience than I (ie, virtually anyone around here :) has comments or suggestions relating to my quest, I'd love to hear them. In the meantime, I'll continue poking through the code and hopefully figuring out the specifics of what I need to do a little more clearly.

I have a patch that does required log on to be able to edit and then any subpages under the users name will be locked to everyone other than that user. This seems to be what you want. --MarkButler 2004/01/22

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