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Depending on the options set in the config file you may be able to use brackets for special links.

single bracket links

These are, I believe enabled in the config file with $BracketWiki.

If this is enabled, you can alias a link either to one word, or to a whole phrase.

[BracketedLinks brackets]
[BracketedLinks how to use brackets in links]


how to use brackets in links

I think it's actually turned off in this Wiki, so I cheated

double bracket links

These let you make links to names which are not WikiNames. They also allow you to do a similar aliasing job as the above for WikiNames or or non WikiNames. The name you link to does at least have to have a leading capital, if you don't supply one, the Wiki will. Examples

[[Brackets|how to use brackets]]
[[BracketedLinks|how to use bracketed links]]



[how to use brackets]?


how to use bracketed links

you can find another description of these at FreeLinks

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