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 $BracketText = 1;       # 1 = allow [URL text],   0 = no link descriptions

This option makes [URL text] display: [text]

Question: Wouldn't it be better to drop the brackets in the output?

Those bracket indicate that it is an external link which possibly should be handled carefully. --MarkusLude

I see. Is that a wiki convention? The warning makes sense if the configuration does not allow A HREF links. Otherwise I fear that visitors, who are aware of the convention, might be lulled into false security. How about something like

 $text = "[$text]" unless $HtmlLinks;
in StoreBracketUrl? and maybe a couple of other places? --GunnarH

I think I understand your point. IMO $HtmlLinks? are unneccessary if $BracketText is 1. I need to have a closer look at the code -- MarkusLude

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