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AndyGlew is just playing with UseModWiki. I've used Ward Cunningham's original wiki, and twiki. Am looking for something easier to maintain than twiki for mainly personal notetaking.

One concern about UseModWiki: I really like how twiki keeps messages in separate files. Have not yet looked at how UseModWiki stores its data.

BTW, has anyone thought about using a Wiki as a PIM for a PDA?

Look for Google:MegaWiki to have Wiki-style links within your Palm apps. But you don't have seamless integration of your data between Palm and the web. --JeanPhilippePapillon

I hope that the page SearchingForNonAccessInternetServices is not a violation of UseModWiki rules. I just needed a wiki to work out some thoughts, and my own wiki is not up (just moved), and I thought there was a chance of it being useful to others, so I did not want to leave it at a work wiki inaccessible to the world.


You might find MeatBall:WxWikiServer to be worth considering. I make extensive use of it as a PIM. You can also find other suggestions via Wiki:CategoryPersonalWiki. -- MeatBall:HansWobbe

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